The Nimbly Mask



Redesigning the traditional mask

Our team was presented with 4 challenges -- > (1) Function: To deliver extraordinary filtration capability and antimicrobial protection  (2) Comfort: To engineer materials to provide all day comfort and reduce irritation (3) Ease of Use: To design a filter that stays in place and is easily replaced (4) Sustainability: To design a reuseable face mask that reduces the amount of waste created by single-use masks.


    Evolution of the Mask

    Through rounds of prototype testing on doctors and surgeons, we were able to create a design that tightly seals around the nose and mouth of the wearer. We accomplished this by developing the mask in 3D form, curving to the contour of the human face.  Additionally, we added in a metal nose piece in order to create a personalized fit that secures the mask on the face.  With a tight fit and an adjustable nose bridge, we help keep glasses from fogging, and ensure that air passes through our filter, not around it.  With our experience in apparel supply chain and making high-end knit goods, we knew where to source the best materials and whom to work with to scale production from one mask to a million in a few short weeks.